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What you can do right now to engage with voters?

by Julie Clarke-Bush, on May 8, 2019 6:36:00 AM

Make your 20-second videos on your candidate Facebook page.

want to reach more voters2.1Facebook users who are political candidates may have seen a new alert at the top of your feed recently.

It looks like Facebook wants to feature your campaign. As a digital marketer, it's my recommendation to JUMP on this OPPORTUNITY!

When it comes to Facebook, the primary goal is to leverage the algorithm so that your posts are presented to your followers. In Ye Olden Times of Facebook you could post knowing your followers had a good chance of seeing your message. Over time, they have slowly tightened the fire hose nozzle of content. Now Facebook wants you to pay to be seen more often.

Many people complain about how Facebook isn’t as good as it use to be. But experienced social media experts know better. Businesses and Political candidates will never get the that reach in their feed again.


There you have it.  

Time to move on and evolve. 

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that persists. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.
- Charles Darwin

I present to you, my future political representative, another digital marketing secret. The trick to mastering Facebook, a platform with 2.23 billion monthly active users is to keep an eye out for the next new feature and be the first to adopt it.

poke2.2And ride the wave as hard and as fast you can. And know everything you’re doing will someday go the way of the "poke". 👉 (Remember when we use to "poke" people?)

Facebook has shown over and over again that early adopters of new features can win big. (pun intended) Since their goal is to get users to try their new tools, they reward early adopters with more visibility. If you read the third paragraph 👆🏼, you know that’s the goal.

PLUS #video Don't even get me started on the power of video. When you look into the lens, it's like you're looking straight into a voter's eyes. Facebook video allows your constituents to know you. And to like you. And to trust you.

And that my friend, is how you get people to vote for you. 

So, go directly to your candidate’s Facebook page. Do not stop to check your feed and do not check your notifications. I know, it’s hard, but this is an outstanding opportunity. Look for “Publishing Tools.” on the left sidebar look for Political Content >2018 General Election Videos.

Facebook Connect With Voters Before Election Day

The page says:

Connect With Voters Before Election Day

Introduce yourself to voters before the 2018 General Election by answering a few questions on camera. We'll show your videos on Facebook until Election Day. People won't be able to see your videos on your Facebook Page or profile. Learn More.

Share Your Campaign Messages in Short Videos
Create a few short videos about your candidacy. Your videos will show next to videos from other candidates in your race.

Create 20-Second Videos From Your Mobile Phone
For best results, record your videos in portrait mode on your phone. Then come back to to upload your answers.

  1. Introduce yourself to voters and tell them about the office you’re running for.
  2. What is your top policy priority, and why are you the right person to work on it?
  3. What is the most important goal you hope to accomplish in office and how do you plan to get it done?
  4. What makes you most qualified to represent your district?

Tips for how to film a high-quality video:

  • Record your video in the vertical (portrait mode) format. We recommend using your phone to record your videos.
  • Record in a space that with minimal background noise, and that’s well-lit.
  • Keep it short and concise. You only have 20 seconds for each video.

If you are a Democrat running for office, will you please do this and share it with me in our Facebook group?
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